NetFlix, which has been a substantial contributor to the OSS community, has decided to move to Docker for delivery of its open source projects:

We’re…packaging most (not yet all) of our projects in the Docker format for easy setup.  Please note, this packaging is not intended for direct use in production, but purely for a quick ramp-up curve for understanding the open source projects.  We have found that it is far easier to help our users’ setup of our projects by running pre-built, runnable Docker containers rather than publish source code, build and setup instructions in prose on a Wiki. 

There has been barely a blip about this, but this is big news.

Of course, it makes a lot of sense to package projects in Docker. But more importantly, this is a major step forward in Docker’s continued establishment as a) the container technology of choice, b) a logical method of OSS delivery (which will have far reaching ramifications in terms of educating people on Docker), and c) Docker’s continued move to becoming the established platform for not only microservices, but for virtualization itself.